Book Submissions for 2019 are now closed. Submissions for 2021 will open in 2020.

The convention will feature a wide variety of Young Adult authors and illustrators in conversations, workshops, and panels. Authors and illustrators of all YA genres are invited to apply.

Invited authors and illustrators will be featured in a panel or as a solo presenter; the OKTBC does not feature authors or illustrators for books signings only.

Please read all of the following information before submitting a book for consideration.

Criteria for Submission

Books must be published in the previous (2020) or current (2021) year.

To be considered, please send or have your publicist send the following:

  • Two (2) copies of a finished book/galley/ARC (note: electronic submissions will not be considered)

  • A press kit with clippings and reviews and an author or illustrator bio, including past publications when applicable.*

  • Completed OKLAHOMA TEEN BOOK CON book submission form with information about your ability, or your publisher’s ability, to fund travel and lodgings to Oklahoma (below).

*Press kits may be sent electronically to

The submission deadline is September 30, 2021.

Other Information

Who decides which authors and illustrators are invited?

The OKTBC committee reviews submissions and chooses who will be invited.

What types of books may be considered?

All books must be either intended for teen readers or of interest to teen readers. All genres of fiction are acceptable. Narrative nonfiction, graphic novels, audiobooks, art, and poetry books may also be accepted. Illustrators are welcome to present!

Will self-published titles be considered?

Self-published titles will only be considered if they meet the following criteria:

  • The title is bound.

  • Printed copies are available for our bookseller to sell; titles that exist only in ebook format will not be considered.

  • The work has been professionally edited and a marketing plan is in place.

  • The author or illustrator maintains an accessible website.

  • The title has received positive reviews on a well-known platform such as GoodReads or Amazon.

  • Must be considered appropriate for the Young Adult/Teen “genre”.

Are there other options for self-published authors or authors not selected?

Yes! We encourage all YA authors to participate in the OKTBC by being an Exhibitor. Please note that author exhibitors are distinct from those invited as featured panelists or presenters. If you register as an exhibitor, your location and listing will be in the exhibitor section of the website and program. Author exhibitor’s may also request permission to sell copies of their books.